Why Wellbeing?

The future of our students at Clairvaux, depends on what we do today. Currently 1 in 7 Australian primary school students will experience mental illness. The statistic increases for adolescence to 1 in 4. The World Health Organization predicts that depression will be the leading cause of disease globally by 2030. Clairvaux’s well-being strategy is carefully comprised of evidence-based approaches. Positive education is taught implicitly and explicitly and social and emotional learning programs are evidence based.

Positive Psychology in Schools

At Clairvaux our well-being strategy is informed by positive psychology research (the fastest growing field in psychology.) Positive psychology (PP) is the study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing or optimal functioning of individuals. Major aims of PP are to rise to life’s challenges, make the most of setbacks and adversity, engage with and relate to other people, find fulfillment in creativity and productivity, looking beyond oneself and help others to find lasting meaning, satisfaction, and wisdom.

Positive education is our approach to education that fosters traditional academic skills and skills for happiness and well-being. Positive education draws on knowledge from the field of positive psychology and aims to enhance the optimal functioning of students, teachers, staff, parents and the wider school community. It plays a crucial preventative role in reducing depression, anxiety and stress within the school environment

Vision for Well-being

Our school empowers all students, staff and families to have positive relationships, have a sense of purpose and be mentally, socially and emotionally well.

Mission for Well-being

‘The mission, and privilege, of the Catholic school is to build a community where

authentic relationships based on love provide the means and the support for all students to flourish and grow into the fullness of life’.

Archbishop Dennis Hart, 2015, To Serve and Lead: Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015-2019, p.1

eXcel: Wellbeing for learning in Catholic School Communities

Catholic Education Melbourne developed this framework as a guide for curriculum and practice to enhance the Well-being of school communities. It is inspired by the gospel and is informed by a holistic understanding of Well-being. eXcel considers the dimensions of learning environments and recognises that when these environments are purposeful and meaningful then well-being will be enabled.

At Clairvaux we endeavour to continually improve the way we create safe, inclusive environments where our students, staff and families feel connected and engaged so that learning and Well-being may be optimised.

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