About Us

Clairvaux Catholic School is a primary school in the parish of St Bernard’s, Belmont - Geelong, Victoria Australia. 

The School, situated on 5.9 hectares at 45 Reynolds Road, caters for children from Preparatory to Year 6. It serves parents who want their children to experience a Catholic education based on an education philosophy in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony. It offers an authentic Catholic vision which proclaims the Gospel values of peace, joy, justice, faith, compassion, and reconciliation.

Clairvaux was established in July 1998 as a result of the amalgamation of the two primary schools in the parish – St Bernard’s in Belmont, and Mercia in Highton. The present site was formerly a secondary school called South Barwon Secondary College.

The ethos of Clairvaux combines the best from both former schools and is dedicated to educational excellence in teaching and learning. The school community works in a spirit of mutual trust with a deep sense of commitment to and ownership of Catholic education.



Clairvaux Catholic School, in the Parish of St Bernard’s, Belmont, aspires to be a vibrant, inclusive community of faith in which people believe and learn together.

The school is a place which is welcoming and hospitable where:

  • There is trust, openness and respect among all members of the community;
  • Catholic faith, doctrine, ideals and attitudes are valued and taught;
  • The values of joy, peace, justice and tolerance are expressed in everyday action;
  • A variety of learning experiences recognise the individual needs, gifts and talents of all;
  • Each teacher is professional and approachable and uses his/her talents to serve the community;
  • There is a commitment to equality of opportunity for girls and boys;
  • Self-discipline, imagination and creativity are nurtured;
  • Children believe they are worthwhile and important and are encouraged to be active, independent learners.

School Prayer

We remember St Bernard of Clairvaux who was a man who loved to learn and who became a leader in the Church.

We thank all the principals, teachers, students and parents who have made Clairvaux the wonderful place it is today.

We pray that the Clairvaux community this year will follow the way of Jesus.

May Jesus help us to: love others, be kind to others and to forgive others.

We ask this through Christ our Lord