Interschool Tennis Results

Clairvaux Yr 6 Tennis Team playing in the regional finals in Melbourne

Western Metropolitan Region Hot Shot Tennis 


As soon as we arrived in Williamstown, we started setting up the nets and line marks for the big day. After setting up the nets and line marks, we made our way to  the courts to face Geelong College. Unfortunately we lost 10 sets to 2. After our first match we played Williamstown Primary. We lost 4 sets to 8. Then we had a 20 minute lunch break and practiced more. Before going on to our last 3 matches, which we won two of. My favourite thing was the great moments I had with my friends.   

End of Matches (The Finals)

After a hard fought doubles round against Christ The Priest we knew they had won that round and that was us done for the day. Once we finished we went back to our court to pack up. Then everyone eagerly gathered around the results table to see where we placed. As the 16 teams huddled together, we quietly discussed where we thought we were going to place. Most of us thought we would place around sixth, but now it was time for the results! As all eyes were drawn to the presenter. He steadily picked up the microphone and started to read. 8th place went to.., then 7th place went to “and in 6th place was Clairvaux!” 

Everyone clapped super loud and we congratulated each other on the achievement. I had such a great time and my favorite part was the team spirit of the day and having such good teammates to share it with.

By Andre  and Lorenzo

Quotes from some of the tennis players.

 “Even though we didn’t win, it was still a lot of fun.” Liam Miskell

“The thrill of playing was worthwhile. I like playing against Geelong College the most.” Tyler N

“Congratulations to Geelong College for winning. They were a good team to play against and I had a lot of fun playing them.” Jay B

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