At Clairvaux we teach according to the Victorian Curriculum and we use the framework of Horizons of Hope developed by the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Based on both of these documents Clairvaux endeavours to present learning and teaching programs that are personalised to meet the needs of all students. 


We aim to align our teaching and learning to evidence based practises reflecting current research to ensure that we provide the best learning environment for every student. Some of these initiatives are:  teaching using a Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach using the Little Learner Love Literacy program for our Prep-2 students and a Direct Instruction spelling program using Spelling Mastery for our Year 3-6 students. We also use an Inquiry approach to our integrated curriculum, teaching students to research meaningful concepts and ideas so as to further develop understandings and learning skills for life. Inquiry Learning creates an environment that leads to understanding. Students are taught skills and attitudes that allow them to seek resolutions to questions and issues while at the same time constructing new knowledge.


The curriculum provides the basis for in depth learning and encourages students to be engaged and successfully manage their learning after explicit teaching and practice to embed the skills needed to complete tasks. It focuses on developing knowledge, skills and behaviours, including physical, cognitive and social capacities.


To support classroom teachers, a number of specialist teachers provide students with expertise in given areas. These areas include Health and Physical Education, Language Other Than English (LOTE – Italian),Music and Visual Arts.


Teachers at Clairvaux are progressive in their attitudes towards educational change and are constantly updating through professional development to enhance teaching and learning.


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