Wellbeing Resources

44 Chidren's Books about Mental Health

These cover a range of topics and specific needs including autism, anxiety, grief, loss and self esteem.

Best Children's Books about Mental Health

Happy Families

Podcasts and resources to support parents with a range of issues. The Happy Families site also has a link ebooks and materials to support you through current challenges.

Happy Families Podcast

Black Dog Institute

Simple ways to improve your wellbeing.

Wellbeing Support


Mental Health Resources

A collection of articles, videos and guides to support parents and carers with a range of mental health issues. This site has lots of information and resources to support children of all ages and with a range of needs.

Raising Children Mental Health Awareness


A Guide to Self Care and Wellbeing During Times of Uncertainty 

Useful information while we navigate our way through Coronavirus from Mackillop Family Services, Good Grief and Seasons for Growth

Self Care & Wellbeing

Action for Happiness

This site contains lots of information and simple actions that you can use in your life to enhance well-being. The calendars each month also appear on PAM (our Parent Access Module), on our school Facebook page (Clairvaux Catholic School) and in the newsletter

Action for Happiness


5 Ways to Wellbeing
Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Be Aware, Help Others.
Five simple and effective ways to improve psychological health and well-being.
Change 4 Life
A collection of activities and meals for a healthier lifestyle. This site has lots of great tips for parents and children.
Be You
A range of fact sheets on relevant mental health and well-being topics
VIA Character Strengths
When we use our strengths we are more productive, more resilient and less stressed. This site explains the 24 character strengths and there is a free survey you can take to identify yours.
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Kindness brings happiness to both the giver and the receiver. This site has a range of ideas for spreading kindness to make our world a better place.
Wheel of Wellbeing
Practical things you can do for your own well-being and the community. It covers aspects of body, mind, spirit, people, place and the planet.


Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

Buddhify  - easy to use, guided meditations. For walking, stress, emotions, sleep, break time and many others. All meditations are written and produced by teachers and range from four to thirty minutes.
Smiling Mind - developed by psychologists and educators and caters for a range of experience levels. 
Headspace - a multitude of mindfulness sessions covering many areas including sleep, stress and anxiety.                         
Happy Waves - covering aspects of mind, body and nutrition, this app assists users to feel more energised and happier.


Our school library has a range of useful picture story books that are useful for discussing well-being with children. Some themes include worry, persistence, growth mindset, friendship, resilience and dealing with grief. There are also information texts for parents.




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