Religious Education

Religious Education consists of two distinct but complementary dimensions, an educational dimension and a faith formation dimension. The first dimension is addressed in the classroom teaching and learning of religion. Within this context we aim to promote the development of knowledge, skills and values which students need to participate as active lifelong learners within the church and community. As in other curriculum areas, the teachers provide their students with opportunities to demonstrate what they know and what they can do with their acquired knowledge.


The second dimension of Religious Education, faith formation, is reflected in the religious life of our school, the student’s family and the parish. We endeavour to nurture this part of a student’s Religious Education in several ways. Children participate in prayer in the classroom and at school gatherings. The school community is given opportunities to celebrate Eucharist (Mass) and prayer services. We have whole school Eucharistic celebrations at least three times per year: at the beginning of the year, end of year and to celeebrate St Bernard's Day in August.


At Clairvaux, we support all students to grow in virtue and to embrace a sense of self and the world.


As outlined in the Horizions of Hope Curriculum, the love and joy of the gospel is expressed through:

  • Prayer – keeping the presence of God at the forefront of each day
  • Learning – encountering the questions of God, beliefs and life though dialogue
  • Celebrations – providing rich opportunities to celebrate the mystery of Christ
  • Belonging – forming a sense of self, connectedness and purpose
  • Reaching out – promoting participation, inclusion and equity.

Through our Religious Education at Clairvaux we hope that we develop students who are ready to see the world through their Catholic Faith and are ready to serve others through this lens.


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